The Roaster Collection features some different types of nontraditional roasting pans such as the All Clad Copper Core  6-quart Roaster that is round with a tight fitting lid.  This roaster is so evenly heating you can sear your meat then cut the burner to low and let it cook on top of the stove, it is compatible with all cooktops including induction and if you don’t want to bother just throw it into the oven where it is safe as well.

The more treaditional shapped like the 5-ply from Mauviel is made for oven roasting but when the meeat has finished just lift the grate out of the pan and make your gravy on top of the stove inside the same pan, no loss of any drippings in the process.


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        Allad Copper Core 5-Ply Bonded 6 Quart Round Roaster Cookware does not require your oven, just brown or sear and cook on top of the stove. With its copper core and even heating just sear your meat put in your vegetables and liquids and cook on top of the stove, leave the oven off [...]
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      Mauviel M'Cook 5 Ply 15.7 by 11.8-Inch Rectangular Roasting Pan and Rack is ideal for all occasions when you need a large turkey, beef, ham or other meats. Handcrafted 5- ply construction with an aluminum core and layers of alloyed aluminum to conduct heat evenly throughout the pan. The exterior and interior are made of [...]