The Kamikoto name  goes back over 100 year of master bladesmiths.  These knives are quite possibly  the best kitchen kninves on the world market today.

Handmade Blades crafted from a very high grade of alloyed steel, Niigata, that is made in Honshu, Japan for durability and strength.  Although the knives are lightweight each one is weighted to make sure they are in perfect balance.

The wooden handle has a slight curve so to keep the hand from touching what you are cutting and it has a slip resistant finish  Each of these knives are tested and retest before they are sent out to insure they can endure a lifetime of servie.

These are a single bevel bladed knife, like their 7″ Santoku.  Lightweight and perfectly balanced so your hand and wrist do not get fatigued.  Packaged in an ash wood storage box.


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      Kamikoto - Senshi Dual Japanese Knife Set with Wooden Display Stand are the high-performance knives a discerning chef knopws is quality.. The blades are handmade from a very high grade Niigata steel from Honshu, Japan that is corrosion resistant while being very durable. Each knife is weighted for a perfect balance, yet they are lightweight, [...]
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      Kamikoto 7-inch. Santoku Japanese Chef Knife is the perfect knife for boneless meats, wafer cutting of vegetables and filleting fish. This Santoku has a handmade blade made from a high quality Honshu, Japan steel that is corrosion resistant and very durable with its slender profile and weighted for perfect balance.  This is a single beveled [...]
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      Kamikoto Kanpeki 3-Piece Japanese Knife Set would be the perfect gift for the vegetarian or vegan, great on all vegetables.  First and foremost, the Kanpeki knife blades are a single bevel, quite sharp and very easy to handle. Each blade is hand made with a high-grade Honshu, Japan carbon alloyed steel that is corrosion resistant, [...]